Monday, 3 April 2017

Romanian Business Leaders Summit 2017: Puterea lui „Împreună”

Când am început călătoria Romanian Business Leaders Youth, filiala de tineret a fundatiei RBL, nu m-aș fi gândit niciodată că voi avea șansa de a vorbi, în numele tinerilor, în fața leaderilor de business prezenți la Summit-ul Romanian Business Leaders de anul acesta. Totuși, asta s-a întâmplat, iar faptul că am fost aleasă speaker la un asemenea eveniment a fost o oportunitate unică și o experiență de neuitat, pe care doresc să o împărtășesc cu voi.

Inițial, tot ce știam era că eu împreună cu alți trei prieteni aveam o sesiune doar a noastră, în care tema principală era „Alianța între generații”. Ce era această alianță? Despre ce trebuia sa vorbim noi? Care generații? Pe măsura ce am analizat subiectul, mi-am dat seama că este una dintre cele mai importante situații cu care ne confruntăm și care necesita atenție din partea tuturor. Astfel, s-a născut ideea de „împreună”. Alături de Mihaela, Alina, Cristi, Linh și Edi, ne-am pus mințile la contribuție și am creat o sesiune informală, out of the box, având rolul de a sublinia puterea unui simplu cuvânt, „Puterea lui împreună”.

Pornind de la experiențele noastre personale, în care am simțit eficiența colaborării între generații, am povestit zecilor de oameni din sală ce înseamnă pentru noi ideea de comuniune, de lucru împreună și de ajutor reciproc. Le-am arătat că suntem tineri, suntem mulți și că avem idei și inițiative frumoase, pe care le putem crește doar cu ajutorul „ălora mai mari”, cum s-ar zice. Am vorbit despre noi, cei plini de creativitate și energie, dar și despre ei, cei cu experiență și susținere, și despre cum alianța dintre cele două părți ar aduce numai beneficii comunității.

Pe lângă emoțiile și trăirea din timpul prezentărilor noastre, personal cel mai satisfăcător moment a fost cel de după, când oameni din sală au venit să ne felicite, încurajeze și să își arate încântarea față de sesiunea noastră. În momentul în care știu că am reușit să inspir măcar o persoană, mă declar mulțumită. Faptul că noi, împreună, am reușit să inspirăm o sală întreagă m-a făcut de-a dreptul recunoscătoare. Să nu mai spun despre cât de fericită am fost când am oferit prima mea carte de vizită.

Ca urmare, și acum, după o lună de la experiența Summit-ului Romanian Business Leaders, sentimentul de împlinire încă există în mine, mai ales că ceea ce am început în cadrul sesiunii se transformă cu pași siguri în ceva concret: un fond de tineret, un summit junior care va îmbina generațiile (26 mai, save the date!), susținere în proiectele tinerilor, toate arătând puterea lui împreună.

Puteti vedea sesiunea noastră aici și câteva poze în continuare:

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Carpe Diem et Respice Finem

"Carpe diem et respice finem" means, as translated from Latin, "Seize the day, but look forward to the end" (at least, something like that). While visiting Viscri, a beautiful little village hidden in the fields of Romania, I saw it written on the wall of an old house. It was the first thing I have noticed when I arrived there, so it immediately got my attention.

We all know the (maybe too often) used phrase of "carpe diem" and we are aware that it urges us to enjoy the present and to not worry about the future. We all use it on an almost daily basis, to cheer each other up, to give confidence and courage to one another, or to simply make us feel that we are living the life as we should. Some of us even use them as a personal motto. Some of us even as a computer password (ahem... that would be me).

However, I was surpised to see that there might be some sort of a sequel to the expression. What could possibly "respice finem" mean? So, as a result of my curiosity, I searched on the web, only to find that it is a way of saying that we should consider the outcome of our actions. Of course, there might be many other philosophical meanings, but as far as I am concerned, I would go with this one.

So, what does it actually refer to? In my view, I see it as the part which gives balance to the saying. Instead of only living the life, maybe we should pay more attention to the consequences of our actions and to the purpose that they are holding. Each action we make defines ourselves, each little step we make through life defines our path and our future, each decision we take brings us closer, or further, to a certain goal. Thus, what is the point in doing things with no use for what is next?

Don't get me wrong, I am a strong follower of the life philosophy that we should enjoy each moment as much as possible (told you my computer password), but I was thinking, while wandering through the breathtaking views of Viscri, that maybe, sometimes, our actions need a little bit of reasoning. Just so, you know, to see that we are on the right track. Considering the outcome of our habits, actions, decisions and choices will give a boost to our lives, that not only will make the present moment precious, but it will also give a stronger meaning to the future.

This being said, I have linked the phrase with previous stages of my life, realising what a fool I was, thinking I was free to do anything I want, without taking into consideration at all the consequences of my actions. How could I possibly believe that we can do stupid things without paying back for them? Sooner or later, we all do pay for what we have done. And, darlings, if our decisions aren't that positive, don't expect sunny days in return (well, metaphorical, you get it). It's up to me, to you, to us, how we choose to use that "carpe diem". From my personal experience, make sure you use it in a good manner. Also, never use it separated from the "respice finem". They should just go together. They actually go together. That's how the things work.

This being said, live your life and enjoy each moment, but don't forget, from time to time, to look forward to the outcome of your present actions. They are the base that holds the pyramid of your future.

Some call it karma, I just say it is how the Universe works.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Top 5 Places to Go Out in Bucharest

Hello, everyone!

It is finally summer... and guess what does that mean? A lot of time for writing on the blog and making vlogs! I am such an enthusiastic freak, but I felt really terrible that I didn't manage to write anymore. I mean, you don't even know what new and special thing I did on the 13th of this month. I'm telling you, I went to the opera. Yes, for the first time. Not a bad experience, I honestly enjoyed it!

But we shall be getting to the point, that being the fact that I made a beautiful list of 5 of my favourite  places (cafes, to be more specific) that you can go to in Bucharest! The list is dedicated to those of you who are getting bored in town, or for those of you who are travelling to Bucharest and need some awesome places to go out. 

I wandered around Bucharest and filmed each one of these places, and afterwards I made a video about them. Therefore, I am not going to write long descriptions on the blog, since I invite you to watch the video and tell me what you think!

The list goes like this:

1. Acuarela
Adress: Strada Polona, nr. 40

2. Tucano Coffee
Adress: Calea Dorobantilor, nr. 18

3. A1
Adress: Strada Piata Amzei, nr. 1

4. The Eden Garden
Adress: Calea Victoriei, nr. 107

5. M60
Adress: Strada Mendeleev, nr. 2

For additional information, feel free to ask me. I will gladly help you!
Looking forward seeing you in Bucharest. :)

Take care!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Crazy 13th: Bus Ride to Nowhere

Hello, nice and beautiful people!
Remember one month ago, when I told you that I'm going to start doing something special, new or interesting every thirteenth of the month, as this is my lucky number? Of course you don't remember, this is why I'm here to remind you (maybe you would want to check out the last month's post in the Blog Archieve... maybe). 

Well, today was the 13th of April and I was in complete panic when I remembered about my little idea. Yesterday was the first day of the Easter and today I was so relaxed: I woke up late, I've been reading all morning, and then I realised that I HAD TO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL. Consequently, after I came home from my granny, I texted my dear friend Lupino, asking her what the hell should I do. She came with this brilliant idea that we should take a random bus and see where it is getting us. Much to her surprise, I was so excited with this idea that I immediately charged the camera, took a shower, dressed up, took my longboard (which was so full of dust!) and managed to meet with her in an hour, in the centre of Bucharest. The sun was shining up in the sky and we couldn't miss the chance of making the most out of this beautiful spring day. Plus, there is nothing better than spontaneous and crazy plans with friends. And the best part? I vlogged everything!

Therefore, we went to the nearest bus station and took the first bus that had arrived, went 2 stations and after that we got off. We needed a total of 13 bus stations. Next, we got in another bus which took us in a totally new and unknown part of Bucharest and we went 8 stations. We've found ourselves in a pleasant and calm neighbourhood, compared to those that we are familiar with. Next, we took the last bus (which was actually a trolley bus) and went 3 stations, just until its end! It was a great delight to see that we had arrived at the National Arena Stadium, which was surrounded by lots of people riding their bicycles, kids playing around, little girls rollerskating and many happy families. We've stayed there for about half an hour, since it was a perfect place for longboarding (aka no cars, good asphalt and a lot of space). Soon, our trip has turned into a photoshoot. We should've expected that. 

On our way home, we stopped for a drink and met some friends. We were finally able to recognise the places around us. However, it was a really fun and new experience and I encourage you to try to do this with your friends. :)

The vlog is here:

If you like it, please give it a thumbs up!
Take care! :)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Interact Power!

Anul trecut, în vară, într-o zi de genul celor în care stai toată ziua degeaba în casă și nu faci absolut nimic productiv (așa zisul "pierde-vara"), am primit un telefon de la profesorul meu de logică. El mă întreba dacă aș dori să fac parte din acest club de voluntariat numit Interact, de care tot ce știam la momentul respectiv era că fac niște petreceri mișto. Dă, și eu ca tot adolescentul. Am spus "de ce nu?" și am acceptat, mai ales că pe wishlist-ul meu era să spun "DA" la noile oportunități ce se iveau.  Astfel, eu împreună cu Alina, Maria, Sînziana și Andra ne-am unit forțele și am reînviat un club peste care se așternuse praful, numit Interact Sfântul Sava.

De atunci, am avut două perioade de recrutări, la care am fost plăcut suprinse să vedem multă lume dornică să intre în Interact, astfel că acum avem un număr de 45 de membri! Ceea ce este cel mai frumos este ca sunt implicați, ingenioși si foarte ambițioși, motiv pentru care, in mai puțin de un an, am avut numeroase proiecte inedite. Printre ele se numără: heART it, unde pictai o cameră inițial albă așa cum îți doreai tu, Around the World, o petrecere cu tema călătoriei la care a venit până și un grup de olandezi și, cel mai recent, Shake It Out, la care am facut mult sport si am dansat! În continuare, se anunță multe alte proiecte deosebite pentru care suntem foarte entuziasmați.

Cu timpul, mi-am dat seama că în Interact este vorba de solidaritate, toleranță și multă voie bună! Am început să mă gândesc la Interact ca la o oportunitate de a cunoaște multe persoane noi și de a contribui, împreuna, la ajutarea comunității. Weekend-ul acesta a avut loc Conferința Districtuală, la Baia Mare, unde au venit interactieni din toată țara. Pe lângă training-urile de leadership si conferința în sine, acest drum de 10 ore a fost, mai ales, pentru a lega noi prietenii, ceea ce s-a și întâmplat. Am cunoscut persoane excepționale de peste tot din țară: Cluj, Alba Iulia, Sibiu, Timișoara etc. și a fost foarte plăcut să auzim despre obiceiurile lor, dar și să le învățăm regionalismele (știați că ”porumbi” înseamnă ”sarmale”? neither did i).

De asemenea, a fost foarte frumos faptul că am avut tot felul de activități. Într-o seară am cântat la karaoke neîncetat 3 ore (și mă întrebam de ce am răgușit), apoi distracția a continuat la vila băimarenilor, unde la 4 dimineața cântam la chitară si jucam diverse jocuri. În altă seară am mers mai mulți în centru, după ce taximetristul credea ca îi fac farse la telefon, iar în ultima seară a avut loc un party tematic în Vintage (de Baia Mare), unde toți am reprezentat diverse țări (eu eram din Mexic). Astfel, s-a încheiat Conferința Districtuală și toți de abia o așteptăm pe următoarea, care va fi la Sibiu. O, da! Ca urmare, haideți să vedeți câteva poze. :)

Seara de karaoke.
Avec le Paris.

Masa din colț era a noastră!
IDLT si fața mea dubioasă.
O parte din acești oameni frumoși. :)

Candy bar, yummy!
Another big selfie
Karaoke night...
And dance! 
Alături de Cluj și Sibiu! :)
Everybody say cheese!
După cum vedeți, ne-am simțit foarte bine la Baia Mare și cu siguranță de abia așteptăm să ne revedem cu toții. Spiritul interactian se dobândește, iar noi începem să îl simțim din ce în ce mai mult. Dacă nu ești în Interact și ai între 12 și 18 ani, îți recomand să faci acest pas, nu vei regreta! 

Atât am avut de spus, hope you enjoyed. Dacă aveți întrebări, nu ezitați să mi le puneți. :)
Până atunci, rețineți motto-ul nostru:

Service above self!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Last Day of March | Spring Outfit

Hello, everyone!

I've been really busy during the last couple of weeks, because we had plenty of tests, which made me uncapable of writing on the blog (such a pity!). Besides this, I've been working on a project along with my girls, in order to submit it to a contest. We've made it and they called us to come for the interview, which happened this morning. We were so excited for it and I really hope they liked us. Just imagine 5 well-dressed girls talking about creative and innovative ideas. Although I want so much to tell you what our project is about, I'm going to put this on hold, as we are not sure yet if it will be selected to be financed. Anyways, I bet you'll love it!

Along with the interview, today I've enjoyed a beautiful, sunny, spring day, which made me wear an even more bright and fabulous outfit. I was happy to finally be able to wear my new acquisition, that consists in a vintage, stripped, high-waisted, 3/4 skirt. I wore it with my all time favourite pair of black boots, because I thought it was going to rain, and with a tight dark blue blouse, that had a ribbon on it. Luckly, today I've chopped my hair (no worry, just the tips) and my hairdresser also styled it and gave it a lot of volume, so that it looked absolutely great. I have also done my make-up (and you know that I'm not such a big fan) and I happily received many compliments on my look today at school. This gave me such a good vibe and it made me realize that it's really important and good to take care of your appearance, as it boosts considerably your self-esteem.

As you expected, here are the photos from today's spring look:

 I know that the quality kind of sucks, but that is because the photos are taken with my phone. Didn't really planned in writing this post. I hope you like the combination of clothing and hope you can find any sort of inspiration. My advice for you is to pay attention to yourself each day of your life. That consists in taking care of your skin and of your hair, being aware of what you wear (wear something you feel good in!), and paying attention at the smallest details, because those are the ones that really matter. You'll see that these small changes will have a great impact on the way you are feeling about yourself and they will only make you more confident! Come on people, even putting on matching lingerie counts as a well-being factor (or is it just my case?).

Thank you for having the patience to read my post.
Now go on and rock this world!

Take care!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What's Your Temperament?

Nowadays, we easily forget about ourselves and we are often caught in the rush of the cotidian, stressful life, which makes us loose control of our inner being, our passions and our qualities. All of this day-by-day useless problems makes us focus on unimportant stuff and forget about what really matters in our life, that being ourselves. Our true selves. This is why many people these days don't know anymore who they really are and what their personal values are.

This thought came in my mind a couple of days ago, after my Psihology class. We've started learning and discussing about personality and temperament, which is one of the most interesting lessons so far, pretty much because it focuses on our traits and we identify with them. This way, we've learnt that there are four types of temperaments, elaborated by the Greek physicians. Let me describe them to you in a few words and see which one defines you the best!



This kind of people tend to be egocentric and extroverted. They are impulsive, excitable and they have a lot of energy and, sometimes, aggression. They try to install their passions in others. They are very sociable, but their speaking tends to be fast, with many gestures. They are capable of strong, but unequal feelings, that's why they sometimes may seem bipolar. They are restless, being capable of a long period effort. They are willing to lead in a group and they are good at planning, getting the job done efficiently.


People with this temperament tend to be lively, sociable, carefree and talkative (they have a fluent speech). They may be optimistic, warm-hearted and full of good vibes. They have a lot of ideas and imagination and they tend to make friends easily. Pedagogically, their attention can be best reached by awakening their love for a subject and admiration for people. They can be good leaders, though they may struggle with following tasks all the way through and be chronically late or forgetful. Also, they tend to be superficial, especially in their affective


They have a calm temperament and they may be private, thoughtful, reasonable, patient, really slow, caring and tolerant. They tend to have a rich inner life and be content with themselves. They don't quit until they reach their purposes, they prefer routine activities and challenges scare them. They experience strong emotional feelings and they tend to have long relationships. They are steady and faithful friends. Their speech tends to be slow and they may appear clumsy or hesitant.


This kind of people may appear serious, introverted and lonely. They are very sensible, solitary and they don't talk too much. They are capable of strong affective feelings and are susceptible to depression and moodiness. They are not really sociable, thus they often prefer to do things themselves. They feel good in small groups, like family or close friends.

After you read all of them, you can try and see which one is the dominant temperament for you. It is perfectly normal to find yourself in more than one, but there still is a type that suits you the most. What I think it's most important about temperament is that we are born with it and we can do nothing to change it. We can just adjust it a little bit. This way, the temperament can NOT be evaluated. There  are neither bad nor good temperaments. This being said, people, stop being judgemental. Start learning that each one of us is unique and has definitory traits that shape them as a person. There is no point in judging all this traits. The way that you can be an extrovert, other can be introvert. Take a minute to read about these 4 types of temperaments and, maybe, they may change your point of view.  You can see that I have also put their associated elements, which is a really interesting part for me.

Also, I just wanted to mention how good is to see people learning about themselves and just reminding, thanks to a trivial psychology lesson, their personal qualities. We should all start appreciating more and more the ones around us.

I am sanguine and a bit of choleric, what about you?