Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Change is Always a Good Idea

There I am, in the moment of my life when I just want to sit down and have a good think on my past life, especially my past year. Sometimes this kind of moments appear when something is over, no matter if it's a season, a TV series, an year, a book, a friendship or a relationship. I can put myself in the last category, as I have just come out of a relationship that consumed most of my time and that easily took control over many aspects of my life, including my natural behaviour. It is amazing, actually, how it takes only a couple of seconds to change all your feelings for someone and not to care anymore. I can say that it's only once you are free from the situation, that you realise how messed up the situation really was. This is what is happening to me right now, but I am kind of thankful for it, since it makes me gain experience and be more careful in my future interactions. This long, deep reflection makes me see unseen things, and by seeing them I get really frustrated at the person I use (used from now on, I hope) to be sometimes. It is like all my strenght, confidence, uniqueness and power were taken throughtout a period of time by someone who made me loose sight of who I really am. However, now I am glad that it is over and I do feel that I become Tori again and that enchants me a lot!

By stepping out of a situation, inevitably there is another chapter opened for you and all you have to do is to embrace the change and show that courageous and spontaneous side that you have. Change is good for us people. It makes us see the world in many different ways, it makes us experience some of the life's pleasures and, most important, it makes us run from routine, which is the number one enemy in our lives. Change is linked with time, so that you don't have time to stick to some situation for so long, because time is precious, and so are you. 

I'm happy with the decisions I made and I feel that I'm finally free from an invisible monster that gave me the illusion of being happy. It was a subconscious big monster that limited my being, separating me from my natural self. I'm open now to new roads, new adventures and new memories. After all, winter comes with lots of surprises, right?

Finally, my best advice for everyone my age is not to waste time on things they do not feel comfortable with and to take advantage of all the opportunities that appear. There are many, many opportunities at this age and it's so bad we just let them go. I suggest that we should just run & catch them and whatever happens next, it's good to know that at least we tried. :)

Take care!

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