Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New Year, New Blog!

Hello guys, I know that the "new year" actually began like a month ago, but as usual, I have a bit of delay when it comes to time (I've just found out that I have a delay of a minimum of 15 minutes in case of meetings, so I was thinking seriously at changing the time displayed by all of my clocks). Luckly, the horoscope says that "being late" is a specific trait for Saggitarius people, so I feel better now. *has a sigh of relief*

As you (probably not) noticed, along with this new and amazing year comes a BRAND new and REALLY amazing design for my blog! I changed the template and I made it as pleasant as I could (that translates as "I didn't have the money to buy an extremely great, superlicious and awesome design, sorry"... yeah, the word "superlicious" doesn't even exist... neither "torilicious", who cares?). Well, at least please appreciate that I am one step ahead to becoming a graphic designer. I learnt how to make a background transparent. 

So why all this hassle?
I had in mind for such a long time that I want to make a fashion blog, but I thought a little bit more and I decided that it would be the best to turn my actual blog into a more complex thing, which involves my passions, my ideas and my experiences, along with my thoughts. Consequently, I will enjoy sharing with you the latest news about my life, what fashion trends and outfits I like wearing, or what new super duper cool thing I have just bought, D.I.Y. tutorials (maybe more on my YouTube channel), deep reflections on certain themes or even some insights of my mind. 

So here it is! The 2015 Blog Edition, completely revised. 
Welcome to the torilicious community, have a nice stay! Just kidding.

 I just hope you are going to enjoy my posts.