Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Last Day of March | Spring Outfit

Hello, everyone!

I've been really busy during the last couple of weeks, because we had plenty of tests, which made me uncapable of writing on the blog (such a pity!). Besides this, I've been working on a project along with my girls, in order to submit it to a contest. We've made it and they called us to come for the interview, which happened this morning. We were so excited for it and I really hope they liked us. Just imagine 5 well-dressed girls talking about creative and innovative ideas. Although I want so much to tell you what our project is about, I'm going to put this on hold, as we are not sure yet if it will be selected to be financed. Anyways, I bet you'll love it!

Along with the interview, today I've enjoyed a beautiful, sunny, spring day, which made me wear an even more bright and fabulous outfit. I was happy to finally be able to wear my new acquisition, that consists in a vintage, stripped, high-waisted, 3/4 skirt. I wore it with my all time favourite pair of black boots, because I thought it was going to rain, and with a tight dark blue blouse, that had a ribbon on it. Luckly, today I've chopped my hair (no worry, just the tips) and my hairdresser also styled it and gave it a lot of volume, so that it looked absolutely great. I have also done my make-up (and you know that I'm not such a big fan) and I happily received many compliments on my look today at school. This gave me such a good vibe and it made me realize that it's really important and good to take care of your appearance, as it boosts considerably your self-esteem.

As you expected, here are the photos from today's spring look:

 I know that the quality kind of sucks, but that is because the photos are taken with my phone. Didn't really planned in writing this post. I hope you like the combination of clothing and hope you can find any sort of inspiration. My advice for you is to pay attention to yourself each day of your life. That consists in taking care of your skin and of your hair, being aware of what you wear (wear something you feel good in!), and paying attention at the smallest details, because those are the ones that really matter. You'll see that these small changes will have a great impact on the way you are feeling about yourself and they will only make you more confident! Come on people, even putting on matching lingerie counts as a well-being factor (or is it just my case?).

Thank you for having the patience to read my post.
Now go on and rock this world!

Take care!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What's Your Temperament?

Nowadays, we easily forget about ourselves and we are often caught in the rush of the cotidian, stressful life, which makes us loose control of our inner being, our passions and our qualities. All of this day-by-day useless problems makes us focus on unimportant stuff and forget about what really matters in our life, that being ourselves. Our true selves. This is why many people these days don't know anymore who they really are and what their personal values are.

This thought came in my mind a couple of days ago, after my Psihology class. We've started learning and discussing about personality and temperament, which is one of the most interesting lessons so far, pretty much because it focuses on our traits and we identify with them. This way, we've learnt that there are four types of temperaments, elaborated by the Greek physicians. Let me describe them to you in a few words and see which one defines you the best!



This kind of people tend to be egocentric and extroverted. They are impulsive, excitable and they have a lot of energy and, sometimes, aggression. They try to install their passions in others. They are very sociable, but their speaking tends to be fast, with many gestures. They are capable of strong, but unequal feelings, that's why they sometimes may seem bipolar. They are restless, being capable of a long period effort. They are willing to lead in a group and they are good at planning, getting the job done efficiently.


People with this temperament tend to be lively, sociable, carefree and talkative (they have a fluent speech). They may be optimistic, warm-hearted and full of good vibes. They have a lot of ideas and imagination and they tend to make friends easily. Pedagogically, their attention can be best reached by awakening their love for a subject and admiration for people. They can be good leaders, though they may struggle with following tasks all the way through and be chronically late or forgetful. Also, they tend to be superficial, especially in their affective


They have a calm temperament and they may be private, thoughtful, reasonable, patient, really slow, caring and tolerant. They tend to have a rich inner life and be content with themselves. They don't quit until they reach their purposes, they prefer routine activities and challenges scare them. They experience strong emotional feelings and they tend to have long relationships. They are steady and faithful friends. Their speech tends to be slow and they may appear clumsy or hesitant.


This kind of people may appear serious, introverted and lonely. They are very sensible, solitary and they don't talk too much. They are capable of strong affective feelings and are susceptible to depression and moodiness. They are not really sociable, thus they often prefer to do things themselves. They feel good in small groups, like family or close friends.

After you read all of them, you can try and see which one is the dominant temperament for you. It is perfectly normal to find yourself in more than one, but there still is a type that suits you the most. What I think it's most important about temperament is that we are born with it and we can do nothing to change it. We can just adjust it a little bit. This way, the temperament can NOT be evaluated. There  are neither bad nor good temperaments. This being said, people, stop being judgemental. Start learning that each one of us is unique and has definitory traits that shape them as a person. There is no point in judging all this traits. The way that you can be an extrovert, other can be introvert. Take a minute to read about these 4 types of temperaments and, maybe, they may change your point of view.  You can see that I have also put their associated elements, which is a really interesting part for me.

Also, I just wanted to mention how good is to see people learning about themselves and just reminding, thanks to a trivial psychology lesson, their personal qualities. We should all start appreciating more and more the ones around us.

I am sanguine and a bit of choleric, what about you?


Friday, 13 March 2015

Lucky 13!

Hello, everyone!
Sorry for not posting during the last two weeks, but I have been extremely busy and I had a lot of activities going on. For sure I'm going to write some posts about what I've been doing, but now I just want to make a quick note about my new resolution for my wish list.

As some of you may know, 13 is my lucky number. On one hand, because I have been born on 13th of December, and, on the other hand, because it was there for me in many happy events of my life. For example, at the olympiads, I used to be number 13 pretty often and it helped me a lot! Besides this, I'm really grateful for my life and I believe that the day you are born affects your personality & lifestyle in many different ways, so I'm kind of thankful for the way I turned out. Haha. 

Today was Friday 13th, so I was wondering if there is anything special going to happen on this day. Excepting a perfectly normal, sunny day at highschool, spent with friends and thanking God it's Friday, I did something new. Yes. And what's that? I've started going to a gym where they have only classes, most specific, I went to a kickboxing class. Like I have told you in a previous post, I enjoy so much doing cardio stuff, and maybe this is the reason why I am so impatient for the good weather to come, so I can go jogging in the park. I miss that.

So, an idea came in mind! I decided that on each month's 13th day I have to try something new or start something new. It can be anything, from a new hairstyle to trying out a new kind of food (especially desserts, yumm). In consequence, today I've just started going to the gym, so you can please applaud me. Or no, it's fine.

Let's see what waits for me the next time. I'll make sure I will write a post each month to inform you about what surprises will be brought to me by the wonderful day of 13. :)

Take care!