Friday, 13 March 2015

Lucky 13!

Hello, everyone!
Sorry for not posting during the last two weeks, but I have been extremely busy and I had a lot of activities going on. For sure I'm going to write some posts about what I've been doing, but now I just want to make a quick note about my new resolution for my wish list.

As some of you may know, 13 is my lucky number. On one hand, because I have been born on 13th of December, and, on the other hand, because it was there for me in many happy events of my life. For example, at the olympiads, I used to be number 13 pretty often and it helped me a lot! Besides this, I'm really grateful for my life and I believe that the day you are born affects your personality & lifestyle in many different ways, so I'm kind of thankful for the way I turned out. Haha. 

Today was Friday 13th, so I was wondering if there is anything special going to happen on this day. Excepting a perfectly normal, sunny day at highschool, spent with friends and thanking God it's Friday, I did something new. Yes. And what's that? I've started going to a gym where they have only classes, most specific, I went to a kickboxing class. Like I have told you in a previous post, I enjoy so much doing cardio stuff, and maybe this is the reason why I am so impatient for the good weather to come, so I can go jogging in the park. I miss that.

So, an idea came in mind! I decided that on each month's 13th day I have to try something new or start something new. It can be anything, from a new hairstyle to trying out a new kind of food (especially desserts, yumm). In consequence, today I've just started going to the gym, so you can please applaud me. Or no, it's fine.

Let's see what waits for me the next time. I'll make sure I will write a post each month to inform you about what surprises will be brought to me by the wonderful day of 13. :)

Take care!

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