Monday, 13 April 2015

Crazy 13th: Bus Ride to Nowhere

Hello, nice and beautiful people!
Remember one month ago, when I told you that I'm going to start doing something special, new or interesting every thirteenth of the month, as this is my lucky number? Of course you don't remember, this is why I'm here to remind you (maybe you would want to check out the last month's post in the Blog Archieve... maybe). 

Well, today was the 13th of April and I was in complete panic when I remembered about my little idea. Yesterday was the first day of the Easter and today I was so relaxed: I woke up late, I've been reading all morning, and then I realised that I HAD TO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL. Consequently, after I came home from my granny, I texted my dear friend Lupino, asking her what the hell should I do. She came with this brilliant idea that we should take a random bus and see where it is getting us. Much to her surprise, I was so excited with this idea that I immediately charged the camera, took a shower, dressed up, took my longboard (which was so full of dust!) and managed to meet with her in an hour, in the centre of Bucharest. The sun was shining up in the sky and we couldn't miss the chance of making the most out of this beautiful spring day. Plus, there is nothing better than spontaneous and crazy plans with friends. And the best part? I vlogged everything!

Therefore, we went to the nearest bus station and took the first bus that had arrived, went 2 stations and after that we got off. We needed a total of 13 bus stations. Next, we got in another bus which took us in a totally new and unknown part of Bucharest and we went 8 stations. We've found ourselves in a pleasant and calm neighbourhood, compared to those that we are familiar with. Next, we took the last bus (which was actually a trolley bus) and went 3 stations, just until its end! It was a great delight to see that we had arrived at the National Arena Stadium, which was surrounded by lots of people riding their bicycles, kids playing around, little girls rollerskating and many happy families. We've stayed there for about half an hour, since it was a perfect place for longboarding (aka no cars, good asphalt and a lot of space). Soon, our trip has turned into a photoshoot. We should've expected that. 

On our way home, we stopped for a drink and met some friends. We were finally able to recognise the places around us. However, it was a really fun and new experience and I encourage you to try to do this with your friends. :)

The vlog is here:

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