Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Carpe Diem et Respice Finem

"Carpe diem et respice finem" means, as translated from Latin, "Seize the day, but look forward to the end" (at least, something like that). While visiting Viscri, a beautiful little village hidden in the fields of Romania, I saw it written on the wall of an old house. It was the first thing I have noticed when I arrived there, so it immediately got my attention.

We all know the (maybe too often) used phrase of "carpe diem" and we are aware that it urges us to enjoy the present and to not worry about the future. We all use it on an almost daily basis, to cheer each other up, to give confidence and courage to one another, or to simply make us feel that we are living the life as we should. Some of us even use them as a personal motto. Some of us even as a computer password (ahem... that would be me).

However, I was surpised to see that there might be some sort of a sequel to the expression. What could possibly "respice finem" mean? So, as a result of my curiosity, I searched on the web, only to find that it is a way of saying that we should consider the outcome of our actions. Of course, there might be many other philosophical meanings, but as far as I am concerned, I would go with this one.

So, what does it actually refer to? In my view, I see it as the part which gives balance to the saying. Instead of only living the life, maybe we should pay more attention to the consequences of our actions and to the purpose that they are holding. Each action we make defines ourselves, each little step we make through life defines our path and our future, each decision we take brings us closer, or further, to a certain goal. Thus, what is the point in doing things with no use for what is next?

Don't get me wrong, I am a strong follower of the life philosophy that we should enjoy each moment as much as possible (told you my computer password), but I was thinking, while wandering through the breathtaking views of Viscri, that maybe, sometimes, our actions need a little bit of reasoning. Just so, you know, to see that we are on the right track. Considering the outcome of our habits, actions, decisions and choices will give a boost to our lives, that not only will make the present moment precious, but it will also give a stronger meaning to the future.

This being said, I have linked the phrase with previous stages of my life, realising what a fool I was, thinking I was free to do anything I want, without taking into consideration at all the consequences of my actions. How could I possibly believe that we can do stupid things without paying back for them? Sooner or later, we all do pay for what we have done. And, darlings, if our decisions aren't that positive, don't expect sunny days in return (well, metaphorical, you get it). It's up to me, to you, to us, how we choose to use that "carpe diem". From my personal experience, make sure you use it in a good manner. Also, never use it separated from the "respice finem". They should just go together. They actually go together. That's how the things work.

This being said, live your life and enjoy each moment, but don't forget, from time to time, to look forward to the outcome of your present actions. They are the base that holds the pyramid of your future.

Some call it karma, I just say it is how the Universe works.